Judge Issued Arrest Warrant for Medmar Owner

FRESNO, Calif. Judge Donald Franson wants to see Rick Morse -- face to face because Morse continues to sell medical marijuana from his business in the Tower District. But Morse refuses to come to court. Action News found a defiant Morse after the judge issued the arrest warrant.

Rick Morse said, "I've been risking arrest since I opened here ... I'm on a mission from god. I'm not afraid of Judge Franson. I'm not afraid of Fresno Police."

Judge Franson previously issued an injunction-ordering Morse to stop selling medical marijuana. Morse admits- he continues to dispense the drug despite the judge's order. Deputy City Attorney Michael Flores said Morse faces legal trouble on two fronts, "Right now, he's in violation of the court in two separate ways. One is violating the permanent injunction and the other is he's failed to appear today."

A police officer could arrest Morse at any moment. He's only facing a low level misdemeanor so it's unlikely officers would actively pursue him.

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