Possible Prius Recall

February 5, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Local Toyota dealers tell us they don't know anything about another recall involving Prius'.But because of numerous reports involving faulty brakes, people who drive these hybrid cars say they are scared to get behind the wheel.

"They say there's a problem with the brake...others it's the accelerator."

Fresno resident Mohammad Saeed has owned his 20-10 Toyota Prius for less than six weeks.

He hasn't had any problems with the car, but says he has already decided not to drive it for the time being.

"If you're on the freeway, motorway or someplace else and you try to stop the car and it won't stop. Well, that's really a safety concern."

Saeed says when he asked his Toyota dealer about a potential recall involving a problem with Prius brakes, he was told not to worry until an official notice comes in the mail.

Toyota says it's considering recalling 270-thousand models of the 20-10 Prius hybrids in the U-S and Japan.

That's in addition to the millions of vehicles the automaker has already recalled because of a sticky gas pedal that can cause un-intended acceleration.

Fresno state marketing professor, Dr. William Rice says these recalls won't just impact Toyota, but the entire automobile industry.

"It's going to have you know, the time and the frequency that people buy cars. It's going to have people say, well maybe I'll wait another year before they get all their things right so I get a car I know is accurate."

Meanwhile, local Toyota dealers say they haven't been notified of any new recalls.

Instead, they're focusing on installing the accelerator parts they received this week.

"We're starting to make appointments right now. We will work as long as we have to on any given day and we will work seven days a week to get this issue taken care of."

Again, this possible Prius recall will include the 20-10 model, which sold in the U-S beginning in May of 2009.

Also today, Toyota announced they are investigating possible brake problems with its luxury Lexus hybrid in the U-S and Japan.