Fresno Police Issue Alert for Jogger-Groper

FRESNO, Calif. Police spokesman Jeff Cardinale said, "Since November there have been at least four incidents where a man is seen walking up to a woman and tapping her on the buttocks and then running away very quickly."

The incidents have occurred in Southeast and Southwest Fresno. Cardinale said such uninvited contact is a crime. "This is considered sexual battery. That's what it would be classified as."

Word this was going on comes as a surprise to some women walking on Huntington Boulevard, near where one of the incidents occurred.

"I was not aware of this," said Kandy Gonzalez.

Her friend, Dolly Lara said: "It concerns me. Yes, it does concern me."

Lorina Napoles learned about the incidents in a neighborhood watch meeting, and follows police advice not to walk alone. "We have like I said the buddy system. And we always carry our cell phones, and flashlights."

Cardinale said there's no need to be alarmed, but cautious. Because the groping could lead to something more serious. "Of course there could be an incident where one of the victims decides to fight back or the suspect becomes a little more aggressive. That's always a concern."

Police are also concerned there could be more victims out there who have not reported other incidents.

The four reported incidents occurred at Hamilton and Winery, near Fresno Pacific University, near Huntington and Barton, near Butler and Sierra Vista, and near Eighth and Balch.

Anyone with any information about these incidents is urged to contact Fresno Police.

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