MedMar Owner Bails Out After Bizarre Court Appearance

FRESNO, Calif.                   |   Watch Video Above for Extended Coverage   |

The judge only allowed the media to take still photos of Wednesday's hearing. Morse operates MedMar in the Tower District.

Judge Donald Franson found Morse in contempt because he continued dispensing marijuana despite court orders to stop.

Outside of the court room -- Morse's son got on his hands and knees -- praying in front of the deputy city attorney.

The defendant's son Brandon Morse said, "Regardless of what Mr. Franson says, I will follow the Lord's lead. We are on a mission from god, and I won't be the first person wrongfully imprisoned for my faith."

Judge Franson reduced Morse's bail -- telling the defendant -- he will be fined and serve five days in jail for everyday MedMar remains open. The defendant's son said they plan to continue operating.

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