Rescued Puppy Looks for New Home

FRESNO, Calif. The dog is now nine or ten weeks old and has been named Bow, or Bucket of Water. Officers say when they pulled him out of the water, he was sheet white and ice cold. "They put him kind of upside down, tried to get most of the water out of the lungs as best as they could. Kind of did some chest compressions and got him breathing again," said his foster mother, Renee Pardy.

The rescue efforts didn't stop there. Pictures show Bow in an oxygen chamber and S.P.C.A. workers said it took two and a half hours to get his temperature back to normal. They said officers were investigating a call at a residence when they just happened to find the puppy in the bucket. "It's fortunate for Bow the officers arrived when they did, because if the timing had been different, he probably wouldn't have survived," said S.P.C.A. Humane Education Administrator Beth Caffrey. Caffrey said Bow highlights the hard work of the S.P.C.A.'s officers and veterinary staff, who work year round to protect and save animals.

Soon, Bow will be up for adoption. "We were all rooting for him, trying to get him well ... and now we want someone else to enjoy his happy face," said Pardy.

Bow will be available for adoption Monday at 9 a.m. If more than one family wants to adopt him, they'll use a drawing to decide who takes him home. But they said the family should be prepared to properly train the little guy, so his natural herding instincts don't take over.

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