Summit Gym in Clovis closes

CLOVIS, Calif. The Summit gym opened up more than five years ago at Ashlan and Fowler.

The gym opened during the height of the housing boom with big names and money behind it but when the construction slowed and the economy took a dive, the owners say membership drastically declined.

Members of summit fitness in Clovis worked out here for the last time Monday.

Heather Walkingstick has called this her gym ever since it first opened in 2004.

"The Summit is really going to be missed in this neighborhood. I've lived here my whole life and this was a great gym, I'm really, really sad," said Heather Walkingstick, a Summit member.

One of the managers says he was notified the gym would be closing about a month ago. He wasn't given a definite reason, but immediately started spreading the word to members.

"I don't know the exact details of it. It may have something to do with the economy, with the rent, with the amount of members that we have or don't have," said Zoltan Torok, the Summit manager.

The smaller setting made many members feel more comfortable. The staff is personable and people we talked to said that's made working out more enjoyable.

"I've been here a year and a half. I love it. It's like family. You get to know a lot of people here. I live in the neighborhood, it's close to home," said Mark Rosales, Summit member.

When the summit opened up, the $600,000 venture was a partnership between several former professional athletes, including former 49er Tim McDonald, and past major leaguers Mark Gardner and Tom Goodwin.

At the time, the gym anticipated having 2,000 to 3,000 members but managers say right now, the gym has only about a thousand members.

The fitness industry is very competitive in the Fresno area, making it is difficult. In Fresno alone there are more than 3 dozen health clubs.

Gold's gym in Northeast Fresno closed down two weeks ago and so far no plans for the open space have been announced.

The last workout at "The Summit" has been somber, staff members say it's been a tough day all around.

"I've given a lot of hugs already. And I'm sure I'll have to give a lot more. I'm sure there will be some tears cried," Torok said.

The gym's owners say members on a month to month plan will not be charged after February.

Members who paid in full ahead of time will not get their money back, but other local gyms have agreed to honor their membership.

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