Suspect in FAX Bus Beating Has Long Criminal Past


Fresno Police believe the suspect; 44-year-old Timothy Cockrum was high on drugs when he attacked a 57-year-old man at a Central Fresno FAX Station.

Timothy Cockrum is now banned from ever riding on a FAX Bus. The Fresno Police Chief said the cameras that monitor the bus station are being watched even closer after the unprovoked attack.

The violent beating was caught on a cell phone camera by several bus riders -- the victim is on the ground and the suspect is wearing black.

Police /*Chief Jerry Dyer*/ said the suspect, /*Timothy Cockrum*/ was so unruly -- he had to be sedated by medical staff at the hospital just to calm him down.

Officers said the suspect and victim did not exchange any words before the violent confrontation.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "There was really no conversation and this suspect attacked the victim for no apparent reason and would not stop. He punched him, he kicked him, and he bit him on the back of the head."

It took six minutes for officers to get control of the suspect. Action News has learned Cockrum is a registered sex offender. We checked his criminal record and found out last month he was serving a six month sentence for resisting a police officer, but served just four days in jail before being set free.

Steve Bentley witnessed the attack and described just how difficult it was even for officers to get the suspect to comply.

"The guy was just going crazy. He kept pulling the cops shoelaces and shot him with a taser and he just ripped the taser right off and just kept going," said Bentley.

Eric Green rides FAX Busses every day. He said he's seen scuffles at the bus station, but never attacks like this.

"I was very surprised, the guy seemed like he had superhuman strength. It was crazy. I think just as people and humanity we should be involved more when we see things that's going on that's happening. We should jump in and be our brothers keeper," said Green.

Cockrum has served time in Wasco State Prison. He's also been arrested for everything from possessing drugs, to having burglary tools on him to resisting a police officer.

The victim is recovering from his injuries. He was treated at the hospital and released. Charges are pending -- the suspect is being held on several felony counts.

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