Testing Trash Bags

February 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Americans spend almost two billion dollars a year on garbage bags! To make sure you're not throwing money away, Action News examines the claims of two big names, to see if they're a stretch.In one commercial, watching two moving men try to catch a piano with a glad garbage bag is pretty funny. To test glad's claim, Consumer Reports' Bob Karpel constructed this rig and a tough challenge.

"No, we didn't destroy a piano. But what we did do is take enough pieces of metal and wood so that we could simulate pieces of piano had it broken apart," said Karpel.

Bob did the same test 10 times. He dropped 11 sharp pieces, in the same order, and in exactly the same way. Then bob loaded each bag with weights totaling 25 pounds.

25 pounds is a lot less weight than a piano, and none of glad's bags were able to hold all the weight.

So much for glad's claims.

Next bob put a glad competitor, Hefty Ultra Flex, to the same test. The results were better. The bag could hold all the small piano pieces as well as 20 to 25 pounds of additional weight. While the hefty bags did tear, they didn't spill their contents.

Another plus, the Hefty Ultra Flex bags cost two-dollars less for a package of 25!