ACT & Friends Adoption Center

FRESNO, Calif.

Our sneak peek at the location included two puppies at play. No holds barred. .

But these pups were unwanted. They were rescued by the volunteers of the Animal Compassion Team, know as ACT. They were placed in a foster home to be cared for until ACT can find them a permanent one. Janet Lucido is one of ACT's foster care providers, "You know I showed (dogs) for 25 years and to me that was not as satisfying as w hat I'm doing here. I feel like I'm making a family pet."

Inside the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis the non-profit is about to provide hands-on, direct adoptions. Until now it has relied upon its internet site to offer the public these homeless animals in need of a home.

That's where the Denny family of Fowler was shopping when they passed by and couldn't resist what they saw through the windows. Shawn Denny is a pet lover and told us, "It's a great idea. It's really needed with all of the animals loose these days. And they all need to be adopted."

Every pet adopted from ACT is already spayed and neutered. And they'll be seen in surroundings furnished with items from the Fresno Met's recent public auction. The display cases that once showed works of art are being adapted for living creatures.

Amanda Allen, another ACT volunteer used to work at the Met and can't wait for the public to visit this new adoption site, "To be showcased in a very nice environment where people are friendly and the lighting is great so these puppies are shown like works of art."

Meantime the two pups we met were still chewing on their toys and any finger that reached down to give them a pet. They were once among the thousands of unwanted and abandoned pets from valley shelters in Selma, Clovis, Madera, Fresno and elsewhere. ACT is gathering as many as it can hold foster and fill its new adoption center.

Janet Lucido says she's doing her part, "We already know that the puppies who come from my house are good with children because they're being raised as little puppies around children."

Lots of information will be available right alongside the puppies and kittens. And if you are only window shopping, you can still support the rescue efforts by dropping a donation in the 'kitty'.

The ACT & Friends Adoption Center will hold its open house March 5-6-7. You'll find it at the south end of the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis. Just look for the sign and the sounds of happy, barking puppies!

ACT & Friends Adoption Center
Grand Opening
Sierra Vista Mall - Clovis
Friday, March 5th from 2pm to 8pm
Saturday, March 6th from 11am to 7pm
Sunday, March 7th from 11am to 6pm

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