Textecution Disables Texting, & Web Browsing While Driving

Fresno, California The app is called "Textecution." It tracks how fast someone is traveling using the phone's GPS. If it detects the phone traveling at ten miles an hour or more -- Textecution disables the texting, email and web browsing functions of the phone. The user can either wait until they're done driving -- or request a bypass.

Cell phone retailer Matt Bartlett said, "When you request permission, it sends a text message to a parent's phone, saying they're traveling 10 miles an hour, and you can ask permission to allow it."

The creator of "Textecution" said it's designed for parents to put on their teens' phones -- or for employers who want to reduce liability from car accidents.

The application costs $40.00 -- and is only available on phones running "Android" software.

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