Thinking of starting your own business?

"It's basically just a few buttons. You have to decide if you want to print, copy, scan, and fax," Taryn Glassman said.

Team an all-in-one printer with an all-in-one computer and Consumer Reports says you've got an instant home office set-up.

"An all-in-one integrates the parts of a computer right into the display, so there's no need for a tower. And that makes it simple for most people to set up in a matter of minutes," said Dean Gallea, Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports gave top rates to Apple's new 27-inch iMac for performance, display, and even 3D games, for when your office work is done.

If the $1700 cost is too steep, testers recommend the 21 ½ inch Apple iMac. It's also fast, and at $1200 - competitively priced. There's another plus with Macs, too.

"Consumer Reports' survey shows that the iMac is the most reliable all-in-one computer. And Apple has the best tech support," Gallea said.

Consumer Reports says be aware, many all-in-one PCs will cost you less, but you'll pay in areas like sound quality and speed.

Now for the all-in-one printer.

"They're bigger than a regular printer, but they're a lot smaller than a separate printer, copier, and scanner and a lot less money, too," Gallea said.

Consumer reports named the HP Officejet 6500 Wireless a best buy at $140. It's fast, with a lower print cost-per-page than most.

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