Students take the "Get Fit" challenge

California News Jake Steinfeld, Chair of the Governor's Council on physical fitness and sports is motivating kids all over Fresno County to get healthy and fit.

"You can do push-ups, sit ups, you can run," said one student Alyssa Vargas of Fancher Creek Elementary.

The challenge involves competing schools, districts, and counties to see which can sign up the most students pledging to exercise at least 30 minutes--every other day--for the entire month of March.

"People say just a month, I don't understand. Fitness is about getting started," Steinfeld said.

Steinfeld says 500,000 kids all over California have signed up for the fitness challenge--the goal is one million. He says the fitness and academics go hand in hand.

"They're feeling better about themselves, they are less fidgety, if they're less fidgety they are more focused if they are more focused they do better on tests."

The challenge attempts to address a growing childhood obesity problem.

"Fifty billion dollars a year is spent on obesity issues in California. The state of California uses 50 billion dollars on our schools every year," said Larry Powell, FCOE.

Fresno County Superintendent Larry Powell says in order for kids to be successful, adults must participate.

Some educators got involved to show their support. Mayor Ashley Swearengin even plans to take the fitness challenge to city officials.

'I did say that, now I have to go to city hall and tell the team it's on we're taking the get fit challenge," Swearengin said.

The grand prize a $100,000 fitness center to the winning school for students the prize is a healthier lifestyle.

"Get fit, don't quit!"

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