Wife of Minkler Shooting Suspect Had Troubled Past

FRESNO, Calif.

Liles' wife was later removed from the home. Authorities say she has been cooperating with investigators but Action News has learned she has a questionable past.

This weekend Diane Liles returned to the bullet-riddled mobile home she shared with her late husband Rick in Minkler. Diane Liles was there to pick up some personal belongings.

She was questioned by authorities but not charged in connection with Thursday's shootout which left two officers dead.

Lt. Mark Salazar of the Fresno Police Department said, "We were well aware of her criminal history but based on her interviews, based on the evidence at hand, we didn't believe she was involved in this incident whatsoever, whether it'd be supplying ammunition, whether it be being involved with her husband in the shooting."

Fresno County court documents revealed Liles, then Diane Shepherd, was arrested in June of 2005 for threatening to kill her supervisor Luis Aguirre. She had a gun at the time. They both worked for a private security firm. Shepherd was said to be upset because she had been reprimanded.

A Sanger Police report showed she told Aguirre "that she was going to kill him and then kill herself."

Salazar said, "It gives you a mind frame of the person that we're talking to so the detectives who were in this were very competent homicide detectives, got that information, put it together and as they were questioning regarding the crime during the crime that did come up, just to make sure we had a complete picture so we were thorough."

Salazar says Liles' statement at the Minkler scene was corroborated by an officer who was on the perimeter of the scene.

As for the 2005 charges, Diane Shepherd spent over two months in the county jail before pleading no contest to a charge of making criminal threats. She received two years probation.

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