Reedley Shows Support for Fallen Officer

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Blue Ribbons throughout downtown are just symbols of how this community feels about honoring its fallen police officer.

Emily Bahne who works in Reedley believes such recognition is important. "I definitely think it's important we respect they are putting their lives on the line for our safety."

Edward Diddona of Reedley believes it's important to acknowledge the sacrifices made by all law enforcement officers. "They never know when they are gonna come home, not come home and when a police officer is remembered for his service it is very comforting to friends and family and also fellow officers that knew him very well."

City officials and business leaders are distributing the blue ribbons and holding fund raisers.

Reedley City Manager Rocky Rogers said, "Honoring Officer Bejar is just one way of showing our gratitude for the life he gave for his city."

Valerie Pieroni, Director of the Reedley Chamber of Commerce is helping to organize many of the efforts to recognize Officer Bejar. She said, "We don't realize how they put their lives on the line for a job you and I would not want to do."

In addition to the ribbons an art auction will be held to raise money for the families' expenses.

Thousands are expected in Fresno and Reedley on Monday for Officer Bejars Funeral Service in Fresno on Monday morning. A procession will carry the officer's casket from Fresno to Reedley for burial.

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