What annoys you the most?

Fresno, CA Consumer Reports National Research Center set to find out just "what bugs America most."

"We asked over a thousand people to rate the 21 annoying things on a one-to-ten scale, where ten was the top of the 'gripe-o-meter'," Donato Vaccaro said.

At the top was hidden fees in bills. The number two annoyance was not being able to get a live person on the phone. And close behind, literally, is tailgating.

That gripe is followed by drivers on cell phones. In fact, three big gripes had to do with cell phones.

"The other two are bad cell-phone service and rude people with cell phones, for example people using a cell phone in a restaurant," Vaccaro said.

Interesting to note, answers to the consumer reports' poll varied depending on things like someone's political affiliation or sex.

"For instance, we found several things irritated women much more than men, including, for example, speeding drivers and not being able to remember your password or PIN," Vaccaro said.

And which gripe bugs Americans the least?

Inaccurate weather predictions, so your local forecaster need not fear the gripe-o-meter!

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