Producer pleads guilty to Letterman blackmail

NEW YORK "I feel great remorse for what I've done," /*Robert Halderman*/, 52, told the court. "I apologize to Mr. Letterman and his family."

In a statement read by David Letterman's lawyer Daniel Horwitz, the talk show host thanked the DA's office and said he had "complete faith" they'd bring the case to a "just resolution" and that he's "extremely grateful."

Horwitz said today's guilty plea is "a fitting end to the case."

Halderman allegedly demanded $2 million from Letterman in exchange for his silence about the TV host's workplace love affairs. Halderman learned of these romances by gleaning information from Letterman's former girlfriend who used to work for him.

Letterman's attorney gave Halderman a fake check made out for $2 million. When Halderman deposited the check, he was arrested.

Beating the media frenzy to the punch, Letterman unveiled the entire situation on air Oct. 1. In a monologue, he admitted to his sexual affairs with women who worked for him.

If convicted, Halderman, a CBS producer, could face up to 15 years in prison.

AP contributed to this report.

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