Fresno Sheriff's Bust Prostitution Ring

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The Sheriff's undercover vice team served the warrant Thursday morning. They found the suspect inside the home. Deputies say he has been shuttling women from Fresno to the Salinas area for the purpose of prostitution.

Sheriff's investigators brought the swat team out Thursday to serve a warrant and arrest 43-year-old Catrayel Love. He was taken into custody for human trafficking at several locations in the Central Valley and beyond.

His cousin Jermaine was inside the home when deputies showed up. He was not arrested. He said, "I woke up to a bullhorn. And the bullhorn sounded a little bit too close. When I got up, I walked to the front door to see what in the hell is going on and I had a tactical vehicle laying on my grass."

Deputies have been tracking Love and his involvement in prostitution for several months. They say he takes the women to locations along Motel Drive and to truck stops off Highway 99 in Fresno County. They've also tied the ring to motels in the Salinas area.

Undercover officers are getting at least some cooperation from the women involved. Right now they aren't sure about the size of the operation.

Neil Dadian with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "We won't know the full scope of that until the investigation is complete and we sort through the evidence and talk to some of the prostitutes who are victims in this as well."

Deputies say Love also has ties to a motorcycle gang and has a violent criminal past. We asked Jermaine if he was aware of Love's involvement in a prostitution ring. He said, "It's funny to me because I guess we some of the brokest pimps in town."

Family members who watched the search nearby say the suspect has mental health issues and takes prescription medication for it. They say he never has any money and can usually be found at home.

Another man was arrested at the home for a separate, unrelated warrant. During the search, detectives hauled away several bags of evidence. No more arrests are expected in the case.

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