Carwash in honor of Bejar

FRESNO, Calif. 28-year old Bejar served in the military before becoming a officer with the Reedley police department.

He died early this month after he was shot in a standoff.

There was not a single article of dry clothing in the Reedley high school parking lot Saturday morning.

Many of these students were having fun however there was an important objective to this gathering.

"We focus on scholarship programs and getting kids to college," said Iveth Hernandez.

Hernandez is an 18-year old Reedley senior and president of Generation Green...the group hosting this carwash.

Generation Green is a school club dedicated to protecting the environment. So it's only fitting that this car wash is in honor of Javier Bejar, a police officer who was dedicated to protecting his community.

"He was an American hero. He protected our youth," said Hernandez.

7th grader Sky Diaz said: "We want youth to be as successful as he was. And he is a role model and that is why we are doing it for him."

Officer Bejar was shot and later died after responding to a standoff in Minkler late February.

He was well known in Reedley and Orange Cove and one of the first members of Generation Green.

Hernandez: "He was the first group to go to Sacramento state fair where we teach kids about fire safety."

He also inspired others to volunteer their talents for the community.

Local Carina Tamez said: "It's a loss to the community but in a way I think all these kids are going to learn from that and it's really got everybody together."

Diaz added: "There should be more people out there like that. And I would like to be like him."

Roughly $500 was collected during the car wash.

In May that money will start one student from Reedley and one from Orange Cove down the path of collegiate success.

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