Despite Warnings Some Still Plan Travel in Mexico

FRESNO, Calif.

There are some groups who are cancelling their plans to head to Mexico. But we also found some unaffected by the latest warning including New Covenant Community Church who says they're still going.

A recent rash of drug related violence is prompting Capitol Hill to ask Americans to stay out of the Northeastern portion of Mexico and even some popular tourist destinations.

However it's not only the partiers being asked to stay home. Local Valley church groups are also being told to stay away. For the second straight year, the Peoples Church youth missionary groups are staying put. Instead of missionary work abroad, People's Church is opting to help closer to home.

Other church groups however still feel a strong need to travel. For fifteen years, New Covenant Church in Fresno has done work in Mexico. They sat out last year because of the violence but pastors say their kids are going back to learn a valuable life lesson.

Fresno State students are also being notified this week about a government advisory urging them not to head to Mexico for spring break.

Student Body President Jessica Sweeten says traditionally most students don't go to Mexico during their week long break. But the school is still following the State Department's lead.

"It will impact some and we hope to get the message out to those students and all students just to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious when traveling down that area," said Sweeten.

The State Department has posted online the advisory and a "know before you go" section for those still planning on going to Mexico for spring break.

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