Community Regional Medical Center Cancels Surgeries Due to Water Troubles

FRESNO, Calif. Tuesday evening, Gomez and his brother, Eduardo Quededo, walked to Mc Donald's at their mother's request. "She wanted a cup of coffee. My brother's telling me he can't get her a cup of coffee because there's no water on the floor, so we're off to Mc Donald's to get her a cup of coffee," said Quededo.

The hospital isn't saying much about the situation, but the City of Fresno told Action News the hospital reported a problem Monday. The city later determined the water issue was on the hospital's end. A nurse said maintenance crews are manually flushing toilets and patients are being given sponge baths. Action News learned of the problems after one patient called, saying she was told she'd have to wait until Thursday to shower.

Monica Rosas said she bathed her two year old son with bottled water Monday after nurses told her about a problem with a water main. "I was really concerned. I was like, this kind of stuff only happens in movies or something. It's kind of strange that they couldn't have the water fixed already. It's been since yesterday," said Rosas.

Despite the lack of water, Rosas says she still feels confident about her son's care. "As long as he's getting the care that he needs, as long as he's getting the medication he needs, I'm okay with that," said Rosas.

Despite repeated requests, Community Regional Medical Center has not commented on the cause of the water troubles or what's being done to fix them. We've been told bottled water is being brought in until the situation is resolved.

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