CHP Investigates Hanford Woman's Toyota Crash

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The driver of the mini-van says she broke bones in her feet trying to get the brakes to work on her 2008 Sienna.

Lynda Bisseger is still recovering in the hospital after officers say her van failed to stop at a stop sign at 15th and Grangeville this weekend. It slammed into a large truck, and then caught on fire.

The Highway Patrol is calling in a specialized team of experts to inspect the van and its components. Investigators say Bisseger has been cooperative since the moment officers pulled up.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jerry Pierce said, "When our officers arrived on scene she actually alleged at that time that her brakes did not work properly from the beginning she stated that. So from the beginning of this investigation we've been looking into that."

Toyota has recalled millions of cars for safety issues in the recent weeks. But the Sienna is not on the list of recalled cars.

Toyota is not involved in the investigation -- and Highway Patrol officials say they will work toward a conclusion without asking the company to join in.

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