Digging for Dinos at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo

FRESNO, Calif. T-Rex and other dinosaurs roared through arenas across the country a couple of years ago. But it was very real bones of these 65-milion year old creatures that were brought to a new life by paleontologists.

Another dig of sorts is underway at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo to create a new attraction -- the Dino Dig. It will be place for kids to polish their own digging skills from the copy of real fossil skeleton.

Chaffee Zoo Director Scott Barton said, "There are a few companies that actually cast real dinosaurs and we purchased one of those replicas but it's amazing because it's a full size Tyrannosaurs Rex."

Earlier this week an eager zoo staff took a break from digging to uncover the delivery of the big boy himself who arrived in a six pieces.

Barton said, "You'll be able to dig up the skull and then be able to guess where the foot is and try to dig there."

Just east of the zoo's Safari Café ... playing and learning will go hand to hand with the 35 foot long and 15 foot high T-Rex -- partially buried in sand.

Barton said, "We are gonna give 'em some tools to dig and it will be in sand so it will be a sand play area with a fun and real adventure theme to it."

The zoo's landscape architect says his crew uncovered old pipes and debris but this dig site will be transformed into a shady respite of fun with two large safari tents and an old Land Rover.

Greg Garby said, "It's exciting, it's exciting. When we get to that point where we can place it, that will be another milestone."

A kid friendly adventure that will be accessible to everyone. The price tag? $40-thousand Measure Z dollars.

And with any luck they tell us that by mid April you'll be able to get into your own Dino Dig at the Chaffee Zoo in Roeding Park.

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