Homicide rate continues to rise in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. It happened on Marty just north of Barstow and police say the victim was a woman in her 40's, who had been shot to death.

Detectives are not saying much about this homicide and have not released a motive. But residents in the area are shocked that a body was found out on the street.

Investigators have been there since Friday around midnight collecting evidence and taking witness statements.

The woman's body was found shot Friday evening where investigators are standing.

Yellow tape marked the spots where police believe suspects may have run around and through the condos in Northwest Fresno.

"They had their sweatshirt with a hood on so I didn't really get a look at their faces," said Scott Williams.

It was Williams and his wife who called 911 after hearing a loud bang. "We heard a commotion and went out there and saw a couple people run away and a car drive away and a body lying there," he said.

"Where you see the blood stains that's where the body was lying last night face down," said Bill Young.

Young and his wife were watching the news when they heard the noise. "We heard a big bang. It sounded like someone threw a ball at our house," he said.

That's when the Youngs went outside to see what it was.

Their fence is only about four feet high.

Young: "We saw this, looked like a body out in the street. Although I couldn't tell for sure if it was a body or if someone had thrown a large rag doll type of body out there."

Little did Young know that moments before he and his wife went outside a witness saw someone jump their fence and run through the yard. "When people go by our home, even on the side walk, these lights go on. This is a motion light here. So that was on during the process," said Young.

An investigator admits that poor lighting down this remote street made it easier for the suspects to get away.

Fresno continues to see a jump in the homicide rate. So far 14 people have been killed in less than three months. Last year at this time police were investigating 8 homicides.

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