Local Reaction to Health Reform Vote

FRESNO, Calif. Patsy Montgomery sat anxiously inside her Tower District home Sunday, while watching lawmakers debate the health care bill. With all of the 219 yes votes counted, Montgomery says it's a day she'll never forget. "Our thoughts are that it's historic and it's important."

Montgomery works for Planned Parenthood. She says the bill will reduce certain cancers and diseases by giving women better access to preventative care. Her only concern is that the government will not cover costs associated with abortion, no matter what the woman's situation. "They'll have to purchase one insurance plan for all of their health needs and they'll have to purchase an abortion writer and pay for it separately with a separate check if they want to cover abortion. The challenge is whether insurance companies will offer that separate writer or not."

Dr. William Ebbeling is against the bill. He runs an allergy clinic in Fresno and says patient care will no doubt deteriorate. "We're gonna add 30-million people to the rolls with no more doctors. So, what we're going to be seeing a slow loss in the quality we're used to and a big jump in the waiting times."

Congressmen here in the Valley proved to be divided on the nearly trillion-dollar bill. Democrats Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza voted "yes." Republicans George Radanovich and Devin Nunes voted "no."

"This was an awful legislation. It centralized power in Washington at a time when it couldn't be worse for our economy. California is so broke it's not even funny now and if you think they're going to afford these mandates for medical patients and everything else, you have another thing coming," said Rep. Devin Nunes (R) 21st District.

Action News contacted Congressman Costa and Congressman Cardoza after the vote. We were told they were asked to stay on the house floor for procedural votes and were not available for comment.

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