Madera Police Arrest Dunlap Man on Murder Charges

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Police first arrived at a Madera home just before 1 a.m. Monday morning after someone in the area reported loud music and a fight. Nearly 18 hours later, detectives were still on the scene, carrying out evidence in a homicide investigation. Police say officers found the door open upon their arrival and music was blaring. "There was a moment in time where there wasn't any answer to the door, so they went in and found the deceased individual," said Madera Police detective Robert Hill.

Police identified the victim as 40 year old Ruben Aguirre. His family members were seen outside of the home as investigators processed the crime scene. Neighbors say Aguirre was friendly but seemed to keep to himself. "He was a quiet neighbor. He would wash his vehicles, and if he seen me to the mailbox, he'd say, 'Hey Rod!" He might want to borrow some tools or something. He seemed like a good guy," said neighbor Rod Rolison.

Shock filled the neighborhood Monday. People say it's normally a quiet area, so waking up to crime scene tape was unsettling. "You want to move. But it can happen anywhere," said neighbor Darlene Rushing.

Police say their investigation led them to 31 year old Johnathan Canalez of Dunlap, who agreed to meet them at the Madera police department, where he was arrested. Detectives say he and Aguirre had a prior relationship. "There may have been a prior living arrangement. So they were friends, so to speak," said Madera Police Sgt. Robert Salas.

Rolison says Aguirre had a roommate recently, but for some reason, it didn't work out. He says he last saw Aguirre Sunday. "He was going to start school, he was happy about that. When I left that evening, everything seemed to be fine," said Rolison.

Police have not released a motive, or how the victim died. An autopsy will be performed Tuesday or Wednesday.

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