Health Bill Helps Young Adults

FRESNO, California The average age of an undergrad at Fresno State is 24. Nearly a quarter of undergrads are over 25. Too old for most parental insurance coverage. Private policies for students are limited and expensive, leaving many without any insurance. The clinic is their primary source of care.

Joyce Harris is the Assistant Vice President of Student Health Services at Fresno State." We see about 40 to 45% of the students on campus at any given time," said Harris.

But if they require more than routine treatment she adds,"If they don't have health insurance they have to go to an emergency room or an urgent care center."

And pay.

The new health care legislation passed by congress boosts the age a young adult can stay on their parents' coverage to 26 ... sounds good to student Tiffany Martinez.

"It really does, it will be really helpful because I probably won't be done here until I'm 25," said Martinez.

It should take about six months for this change in age coverage to take effect but young adults must remain dependents on their parents' tax returns in order to remain insured until age 26.

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