Secretly Recorded Phone Calls in Fresno Double Murder Trial

FRESNO, Calif.

Phillip Woodley's phones were tapped for 17 days while detectives gathered information and while he never confessed to the crime on the phone, even his attorney admits he sounded worried.

Woodley sat quietly in court Tuesday, listening to recorded phone conversations he didn't know anyone else had heard.

Woodley was arrested for the murders of his father and stepmother in July 2005, but he was released and had been free for more than a year.

Still, when he talked to his girlfriend, Valerie Jimenez, prosecutors say it's clear Woodley thought police were closing in on him again and what she said could doom him.

"When they come, they're going to come hard, OK?" he said in a conversation on Dec. 12, 2006. "And I can't take the chance of you folding, OK?"

Prosecutors are also trying to prove that Woodley was worried about the crime scene.

His sister testified that Phillip told her he'd made a rare visit to Roy and Angie Woodley earlier in the week and may have left his mark when Angie, his stepmother, was looking for a receipt.

"She dumped out her purse and he was helping her find the receipt and his fingerprints would be all over the purse," said Eva Plascencia.

Plascencia and two other witnesses have cast doubt on that story and one remaining witness has told detectives he was in the Tarpey Village house when Phillip Woodley committed the murders.

But Woodley's lawyer isn't worried.

"I'm waiting for solid evidence that my client was inside the house and participated in the killing of his parents and so far it hasn't come," said Eric Green.

The witness placing Woodley at the scene of the crime is Jeff Rancour, who accepted a plea deal from prosecutors and is serving an 18-year sentence.

The defense says he won't be believable on the stand.

"[We'll] see what he has to say," said Green. "See which statement he has. He's already said three of them so, see if we have four."

Woodley's sister also testified that he drastically changed his appearance after the murders and frequently asked about his inheritance.

Rancour is expected to testify later this week.

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