Lavar Johnson: Shot Three Times, Returns to Fight in Strikeforce Main Event

Fresno, CA "It was terrible," said Johnson. "They had to splice my intestines in six different spots. My colon was damaged. My stomach had a hole in it. And they took out my appendix."

But as he's proven over the eight months since the shooting, Johnson isn't your average man.

"To get shot like that three times -- Especially with the caliber -- the .22 and the nine millimeter, that goes through your body," said Johnson's trainer, Jasper Tayaba. "Man you can never -- it can really inflict some damage."

Damage in the form of a life. The shooting claimed the life of Johnson's cousin, and injured three more of Johnson's family members. Today, the 32-year-old father of two says he's trying hard to just move on.

"You know I'm healed up," said Johnson. "I think my family is over it too. I'm just closing that chapter and on to the next step in my life. Which is getting back in the cage and trying to make it happen."

Johnson has regained the 60 pounds he lost in the hospital after the shooting, and says he's back to full strength. Not only physically, but emotionally as well.

"I'm thankful for every day I've got to be with my kids and that I'm able to wake up and just be alive," said Johnson. "I just want to thank everybody in Fresno and Madera for supporting me and being behind me and helping me to get back to where I am today."

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