Threats Target Parents of Students Who Cut Down Trees

FRESNO, Calif.

Parents of the five seniors who cut down two trees at Central High School East say they feel threatened after someone reportedly mailed a letter to each of their homes.

In part, the typed letter states: "They were lucky they were not expelled. Get them out of our district. What a disgrace."

The anonymous sender also writes: "Watch your backs; there are people who want to be on TV too."

Charles Magill said, "There's a pretty direct threat in that letter that you better shut up or else."

Attorney Charles Magill, who represents the families -- says they think someone from the district is involved.

One portion of the letter singles out the mother of one of the five students, who, according to Magill, works for the district.

It says: "She was supposed to be out due to a doctor's note saying she couldn't be at work, for two weeks. Funny how she could be on TV all day, for numerous days, in front of the high school, but not able to work."

"We believe the letter had to come from somebody in the district because there was information within that letter that couldn't have been received by any third party," said Magill.

Mike Berg said, "I understand what he has said, but there is no proof, there is no evidence whatsoever from the content of the letter I've seen."

Central Unified Superintendent, Mike Berg says the district just found out about the letter on Wednesday, and have since launched their own investigation.

"We haven't had any reason to believe there's any validity to the letter however the content of the letter is troubling to all of us and is perceived to be a threat, and for that we are concerned," said Berg.

The students have not returned back to Central High School Both sides are waiting for a judge to schedule their next court hearing.

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