Details in the Arrest of a Fresno Pimp

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According to a warrant served two weeks ago at the home of Catrayel Love, investigators say the women were forced to meet daily quotas and work long hours for little or no money. The document also says the women were beaten for disobeying Love's orders.

A new local coalition, is working to reach out to the women involved in human trafficking cases to make it easier to turn away from those who profit from them.

Jody Ketcheside with the Human Trafficking Coalition said, "The idea behind it is to bring service providers together to not only serve the victims in the community that are bring trafficked but to also raise awareness in the community. I think it's an issue that a lot of people need education on."

The victims in Love's case said they worked mostly in Fresno along Motel Drive at the Sands Inn, the Relax Inn and the Holiday Motel. They were also taken to the Salinas area.

Detectives recovered motel keys and other documents and paperwork they believe is related to the pimping operation.

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