Pombo Campaign Signs Posted at Site of a Fresno Mass Murder

FRESNO, Calif. In 2004, /*Marcus Wesson*/ murdered nine of his children in the house. Police found their bodies, and ten coffins in the home. Wesson was sentenced to death for the murders in 2005. A year later, the house was torn down.

Considering what happened here, some neighbors like Antonio Collazo were upset when the Pombo for Congress signs went up. He said, "I think it's wrong what they did, if they knew what happened there. With the Wesson family. I think they should come and take them off, and have a little more respect for this property right there."

Neighbor Issac Vallejo thinks the signs are disrespectful, "I think you've got to put them somewhere else because that's like somebody's burial, like a tombstone type of grave thing."

But neighbor Brian Caskey didn't see a problem "I don't think it's that big of a deal myself. I don't see it that much different than being tacked on to a telephone pole over there."

But, it's not legal to put campaign signs on telephone poles, or on government property. This lot is now owned by the City of Fresno's Redevelopment Agency. The agency notified Code enforcement of the matter, and they are contacting the Pombo campaign.

We asked two Pombo Campaign officials about the placement of the signs. There was no official comment, but within an hour of our phone call, the signs were taken down.

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