Homicide rate continues to rise in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

This latest homicide happened around 6:30 Sunday morning on Kenmore and Cedar in the Fresno county island of Mayfair.

Imagine living in a quiet neighborhood where crime is not a real threat, then all of a sudden multiple gun shots ring out threatening you and your family, that's what happened this morning for residents here in the Mayfair community.

"Like rapid fire, pop, pop, pop, bang, bang, bang like that and then it was over," said Richard Caballero.

Caballero did not see the deadly shooting but he will never forget how he feared for his daughter's life. "I threw myself on the floor and threw her on the floor and that was it. Stayed still," he said.

Fresno county sheriff's detectives said sometime around 6:30 Sunday morning a man in his 20s was shot multiple times walking through this small Fresno county island.

He died in this front yard. "It's a very typical drive by shooting and potentially gang related incident," said Sgt. James Minenna.

The shooting took place right outside Ron Evan's home. A bullet ripped a hole the size of a dime in the bumper of his truck. One also struck his garage. And a third round was found lodged in Evan's orange tree.

A forensic team removed all of the evidence. "Society is deteriorating, getting a lot more violent," said Evans.

This shooting is the latest in a series of violent incidents in Fresno this weekend.

Friday night an apartment complex in Southwest Fresno was fired on and again one in Central Fresno. Authorities say no one was hurt. But early Saturday morning investigators discovered two people shot dead at another apartment complex in Central Fresno.

So far this year the homicide rate in the city of Fresno is 16, double the rate of last year. Fresno police investigators do not believe there is a connection between Saturday's two homicides and the one this morning. The name of that victim has not been released.

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