Witnesses Point Finger at Phillip Woodley

FRESNO, Calif.

After Roy and Angie Woodley were murdered in 2005, detectives followed a paper trail including stolen credit cards and a truck.

When they found the stolen property, they found it with people who led them to Phillip Woodley and Jeff Rancour. But the defense points out that drugs may have affected their memories. Still, one after the other, witnesses pointed the finger at Phillip Woodley Tuesday.

In the hours and days after Roy and Angie Woodley were murdered, Amanda Gonzalez used their credit cards.

In a photo lineup, she identified Phillip Woodley as one of the people involved in the transaction. "She picked number three in position number three, which was Phillip Woodley," said Sheriff's Detective John Ciaccio.

Mark Haltom says Woodley was involved when he bought the victims' truck, just hours after the murders, although he was dealing with the man who came with Woodley, Jeff Rancour. "I agreed to buy it off of him," Haltom testified. "I already had parts sold off of it before I even left."

Sarah Key also identified Woodley as the person who came with Rancour to her mobile home that night.

Rancour's roommate at the time, Ron Berry, testified that Woodley was close friends with Rancour, which Woodley denied in police interviews. But Berry says on the day in question, Rancour came home with someone else.

"There was another person there, I believe," Berry testified. "I do not remember who it was, but I know it wasn't the defendant."

Rancour testified earlier that he was in the Tarpey Village house when Woodley killed his father and stepmother, and that they got rid of everything together.

Defense attorney Eric Green says Rancour is trying to pin the crime on someone else. And he points out that the people identifying his client have all admitted they were on methamphetamines at the time.

Prosecutors also showed gas station surveillance video from later in the day after the crime.

Another witness, Larry Sigera, said it showed him with Rancour and Phillip Woodley, not long after Roy and Angie Woodley were murdered.

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