Symantec Names Fresno among the Least Risky U.S. Cities for Cybercrime

FRESNO, Calif.

Out of 50 cities highlighted in the report, Seattle placed number one. Seven other California cities have also made the list, including San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento.

The state's Information Security Director says cybercrimes are hard to track down.

Mark Weatherford said, "The barriers to entry into cyber crime are very, very low. Almost anybody can do it with the right tool and the right mindset. It's very hard for law enforcement to um, to identify."

Examples of cybercrime activity include identity and data theft, child pornography, and other crimes committed using high-tech devices and the internet.

Officials with Symantec found that the factors that led to more cybercrime activity included the number of WIFI hotspots offered in the city and the number of online shopping done by residents there.

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