Hilmar Mother Dies from Stab Wounds, Boyfriend Wanted for Murder

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The victim a 36 year old woman ran out of the house bleeding profusely from a stab wound in her neck. Her two teenage daughters and neighbors desperately tried to help. She was rushed to a Modesto Hospital but did not survive.

Sheriff's Deputy Tom Mackenzie said, "The family decided to pull the victim off of life support, terminating her life so officially how it's a homicide or murder investigation for our deputies."

The victim's brother was also stabbed in the attack but his injuries were not serious. The suspect in the stabbings, Jesus Ortega is on the run. While investigating the crime scene deputies found a drug operation in the home.

"They discovered a methamphetamine conversion lab which takes methamphetamine and turns it into Crystal Meth," said Mackenzie.

It appeared to be a small operation, but religious statues often associated with the Mexican drug trade were found in the home. Investigators aren't sure who was running the drug operation.

"As far as the victim had any involvement in it or knowledge, we don't know," said Mackenzie.

The suspect may be headed for Mexico. He's driving a white Honda Accord. The license number is 5SPE198. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Merced County Sheriff's Department.

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