Stations of the Cross in Calwa

CALWA, Calif. From his trial to his crucifixion ... the final moments of Jesus' life, known as Stations of the Cross, played out in the streets of Calwa.

Every scene was narrated in Spanish and performed by teenagers from St. Anthony Mary Claret church. One organizer admits at times the scenes can be graphic.

"If you're not used to it and if you don't have god within yourself and you don't understand what he went through for us, it's gonna be hard," said coordinator Edward Medina.

The procession will make 10 stops in this neighborhood. Each stop, or station, represents a scene from Jesus's crucifixion. This one ... Mary sees her son carrying the cross for the first time.

For most here this is a Good Friday tradition.

Resident Sylvia Cotans said, "It's a reminder to us that Jesus died on the cross."

"We have more faith and it renews your life and it gives you more energy to live," said Francisco Perez.

But believers like Francisco Perez are worried about dwindling attendance. Last year, more than 500 people took part. That number is less than half this year.

Perez said, "Right now people stay at home and don't come and the tradition [is ending] is getting over and we try to renew it every year."

Guadalupe Perez added, "A lot of things are going bad everywhere and we're asking for mercy."

This group of faithful followers said they will continue to take part in this tradition, and they hope others will join in too.

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