City Parks Bustle With Less Traffic This Easter

FRESNO, Calif. Music filled Roeding Park at every corner. While children opened their Easter gifts, parents were sizzling a delectable treat on the grill.

Fresno's Mack Curtis-Mason said: "It's good for the family to get together sometime and be yourself instead of being crazy."

Fresno police made sure crazy stayed at bay. "We are always conscious when there's large gatherings," said Lt. Jon Papaleo. Papaleo said reserve officers and volunteers have stepped up patrols at all parks this Sunday.

Motorcycle officers were also more visible. "They're just coming through the parks to make sure the traffic flows smoothly so that everyone can come, in have fun, have a great Easter and make sure there are no incidents regarding traffic," said Papaleo.

Last year both parks reached capacity by noon but that was not the case this year. The parks department planned for lots of traffic but there was still plenty of parking spaces available.

There wasn't a single car in this lot near the amphitheatre. Cooler weather appeared to be a factor in who came out to play but it could not stop tradition.

Fresno's Pa Dou Yang said: "It's a family thing that we all like to do, we all like together."

Curtis-Mason said: "It feels good to me right now but that's why I wore my jacket so when it gets cold I can fasten it up."

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