Farmers Market in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. Last May the opening of a Farmer's Market on Fresno's Downtown Fulton Mall near the Clock Tower was a welcome option for those working in the heart of the city, including Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea.

This week area farmers came together at a gathering in Northeast Fresno to learn how they can get involved in bringing fresh, local and healthy foods directly to customers. They are needed says Supervisor Perea says they are needed for a second farmers market to offer good eats downtown, "Getting folks to eat healthier, take healthy food home and feed their families in a healthy way for all the reasons we talked about today."

Also at this gathering to speak was the physician who started the farmers' markets in Kaiser Permanente hospitals across California, Dr. Preston Maring. He says access to farm fresh foods is the way to fight obesity and bring a healthier life to everyone, "Having a market right there in front of people where they come for health care can make a difference and incite them to eat more good fruits and vegetables.' Dr. Maring supports any well stocked and run Farmers Market anywhere.

More than two hundred interested farmers, health professionals and others explored their place in the healthy eating lifestyle movement. Doctor Maring says another Farmers Market in the cities downtown will help change the health of those who use it.

Supervisor Perea agrees, "County employees, Fresno Unified employees, Courthouse employees, coming out of their office on breaks and lunchtime - shopping for their fruits and vegetables, eating from some of the vendors that will be there."

You will have to share the one day a week market with a hoard of the Park's many squirrels just don't share your healthy lunch! Look for this second farmers market in Downtown Fresno before spring turns to summer.

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