Dinuba Nurse Back from Haiti

FRESNO, Calif. Ysusi traveled to Haiti with the Mennonite Central Committee, or M.C.C. Each day, she traveled past crumpled buildings on her way to makeshift clinics. "You see it on T.V, two dimensional pictures. You just can't be prepared for the magnitude of the devastation," said Ysusi.

Ysusi worked with a medical team made up of people she'd never met before. She said some heartbreaking images will stay with her. "A 27 year old man I saw, and it wasn't too hard to figure out he was HIV positive. He had been tested in January and the clinic was destroyed in the earthquake and he had never learned of the result," said Ysusi.

But Ysusi said she was amazed by the spirit of the Haitian people. One elderly woman walked over rubble to get to a clinic, where she got a check-up and brightened everyone's day. "She was 80 years old. And the average life span I'm told in Haiti is 50 years old. She was just amazing," said Ysusi.

Ysusi says she now has a new appreciation for all we have as Americans. "Just things we wouldn't see in the us now. I saw a girl with mumps. Our kids don't get mumps because we have immunizations," said Ysusi.

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