7-Year-Old Shot in Merced, Family Banned from Visitation

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Her parents appeared in a Merced County courtroom Wednesday. Cameras were not allowed inside for the hearing, but the girl's mother says she was told family members can't see the children because it would put them in danger.

The decision comes one week after someone shot the seven-year-old through her bedroom window.

The girl's mother and her boyfriend admit they were once involved in gangs, but they say they have since turned their lives around.

Imelda Radillo said, "It was my daughter today, it could be your guys daughter or kids tomorrow, and I don't feel they should judge us on our past because everyone has a past."

Child welfare services staff members can't comment on specific cases, but they say they strive to keep families together when possible.

However, they say protecting children is their number one priority.

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