Animal Science Expert Speaks on Autism

FRESNO, Calif. Temple Grandin is autistic herself, and has authored several books dealing with livestock handling and autism. Earlier this year, HBO produced a feature film about her life, starring Clare Danes.

This afternoon, a crowd of people filled the Ramada University Hotel in Northeast Fresno to listen to Grandin at an Easter Seals Autism Symposium.

Grandin says early educational intervention is key when dealing with autistic children.

"There's a lot of controversy right now about diagnosis and that aspergers is going to be merged in with autism. Now the thing I find about people who think verbally is you get hung up on these diagnostic categories. I can tell you, they are not accurate. I think we need to be looking at a lot more where does the kid have a problem, where are the strengths, and build on that," said Temple Grandin.

Grandin's visit to Fresno also includes a lecture at Fresno State Monday morning. The presentation begins at 9 a.m. at the Satellite Student Union. It's free for students, and ten dollars for the public.

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