Tea Party Rally at Chukchansi

FRESNO, Calif.

Tea party leaders expect Saturday's event at Chukchansi park to be the biggest rally to date in the Central Valley. Those leaders claimed anger over the health care reform bill has motivated more people to join their cause.

Momentum appears to be growing among Central Valley Tea Party members. Fresno's Dorothy Arnold said: "It's time for people to stand up against what's going on in Congress."

Clovis's Cindy Barbanell said: "Freedom, liberty and justice for all and that's not what they're standing for."

This rally in North Fresno was designed to fire up conservatives and liberals dissatisfied with government. Saturday thousands are expected to fill Chukchansi Park to spread their message.

One of the guest speakers is gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner who was in town Friday. Poizner said: "The number one priority for people in the tea party movement is individual liberty, and personal responsibility. Those are some basics I think we need to get back to in order to fix this great state."

Last year during the tax season, tea party members met outside the Savemart Center for a heated protest. "They haven't had a basis other than unhappiness," said political analyst Don Larson.

Larson said tea party members have galvanized since now that a health care bill has passed but need to move beyond name calling. Larson: "It's time now for them to move forward and present a viable program that the people in this county will support and accept."

But Central Valley Tea Party organizer Steve Brandau said they are working toward action.

Brandau: "Every month, every week we're taking steps. The end result is going to be a revolution. We hope it's just a glorious, peaceful revolution of the people taking back control of their lives."

Our political analyst said tea party members will have trouble getting independents on board until they have a clear message of action when it comes time future votes.

Saturday's rally starts at 11 and runs till 5pm. Admission is free.

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