Veteran Monument Unveiled for Fresno POW's

FRESNO, Calif. More than 30 ex-POW's attended a special dedication ceremony today, where the 7-foot-tall monument was revealed to the public.

The monument is made of black granite, and includes the names of former POW's from Fresno.

Those who attended today's ceremony say it's important to honor those who know what it's like to lose freedom.

"It was not like Hogan's Heroes. But because we were American POW's, we had a pretty high level of morale. We knew the war was going to be won by us that we were going to defeat the Germans, and we knew we'd be home in victory. We were confident," Former POW in Germany Frank Hoker said.

Planning for the monument began about two years ago and was made possible through private donations and the U.S. Air Power Museum.

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