Consumer Reports Issues Safety Warning on Lexus SUV

FRESNO, Calif. The consumer watchdog organization is telling car buyers not to buy the 2010 Lexus GX 460 S.U.V. because of a rollover risk. Testers say they repeatedly experienced the problem during standard emergency-handling tests.

Electronic stability control is standard in the GX but testers said the GX's system doesn't intervene quickly enough.

"The Lexus GX has a high center of gravity. While they're haven't been any injuries reported, the way the tail slides out, if a wheel went off the pavement or hit a curb the vehicle could roll over. None of the other S.U.V.s we've tested in the last few years have performed this poorly in this test," said Jon Linkov with Consumer Reports.

5,000 of these S.U.V.'s have sold so far. Consumer Reports says it has notified Toyota -- Lexus' parent company which said it was mystified by the results and would look into the issue.

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