Technology Frustrations

FRESNO, Calif. "Cell phones shutting off in the middle of conversations, it's annoying."

"I have now entered the realm of needing your children to turn on the TV."

"You're constantly going back to the manual."

There's more technology in our lives than ever before, and there's also more frustration. Consumer Reports National Research Center asked 13,000 subscribers for their biggest technology gripes.

Nearly everyone had a problem with a computer they'd bought in the last five years. And 80 percent had problems with their cell phones.

More than 50 percent had problems with their G.P.S., T.V.'s, and cameras.

"We also asked people about some common tech problems. One of the top gripes was getting a computer error message that you just didn't understand," said Mandy Walker with Consumer Reports.

Battery chargers were another source of gripes. 15 percent lost a charger in the last three months.

"People also had problems with battery chargers when they went away on vacation. 10 percent went away with the wrong one!" said Mandy Walker.

As for T.V.s, 38 percent were frustrated they needed at least two remotes to get them to work!

With clocks and watches, 22 percent had trouble setting the time!

And with digital cameras, 19 percent keep theirs in automatic mode and never change it, despite all the settings that can help you get a better picture.

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