Day after the April Storm

FRESNO, Calif. Only a shell of a home remains after a lightning bolt blasted through these two Northwest Fresno condos Monday afternoon.

"I was in the living room and there was a nice big flash of purple light," said David Cords.

The next thing 27-year old resident David Cords knew...the structure was on fire and so were several of his belongings.

When Cords was 15 he suffered a stroke and a few years later was diagnosed with a disease that weakens his immune system. This scorched, smoke-filled environment is toxic to him now.

Cord: "A minor inconvenience compared to some of the others things."

Another thing destroyed by the fire is this computer. It's called 'Big Blue.' David and his father built it ten years ago. After his stroke it helped him reconnect with the world.

"It's now, 'Ok, I have to find a new place to live. Gosh that sucks,' but I'm alive," said Cords.

Monday night about 12,000 gallons of rain water accumulated on parts of this Sunnyside community street and drive way reaching the inside of this garage.

County crews talked with neighbors about the back up. Whitney Say told them he wants better drainage.

"It was a bad one but when it rains that hard it happens," said Say.

Standing water is always a concern for strawberry farmers.

Meng Saeteui said: "I was really scared."

This Clovis crop was ok but the water had to go.

"If the water stays here too long you know to look for the water. They might drop early. You have to pump water," said Meng.

While pea-sized hail fell in parts of the Valley business increased for Bulldog towing. Kevin McCrackin said his company responded to more than one dozen crashes and cars stuck in the mud.

McCrackin: "We get a share of lock outs too in the rain. They get in a hurry to get out of their car and they grab their whatever and forget their keys."

McCrackin relies on contracts with police and C.H.P. as well as customer calls but said powerful storms like Mondays don't hurt business either.

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