Downtown Fresno Gets More Cameras

FRESNO, Calif.

The cameras can rotate 360 degrees and can zoom in and out, sometimes showing intersections several blocks away. In addition to being monitored, the video can also be recorded as evidence. "We want the message to get out to the criminals as well, that if they do decide to commit a crime in Fresno, they could be on tape," said Deputy Police Chief Pat Farmer.

Farmer calls Downtown Fresno one of the safest areas in the city. But baseball fans say it seems to be all about perception. "I think some people think it's a lot worse than it actually is. But like I said, I feel safe," said Matthew Morales of Fresno.

The city said the video policing expansion has been funded mostly by grants. In addition to the cameras, people will also see the traditional increased police presence on opening day including officers on foot, bicycles, and horseback.

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