Brothers Arrested in Clovis after Standoff

CLOVIS, Calif. It all started around 5:30 Thursday morning when a Clovis Police Officer tried to pull over a driver for a mechanical violation.

Police say the driver ran a stop sign, then ditched his car and ran into an apartment complex at Peach and Santa Ana.

32-year-old Dominic Corente was a passenger in that car. He surrendered to officers for a parole violation.

Police say the man's brother, 38-year-old Jesse Corente ran into the apartment complex with what appeared to be a rifle bag.

The swat team was called out around 7:30. A negotiator contacted the suspect on the phone and talked him out of his apartment shortly after nine Thursday morning.

No bag or a weapon was found inside his apartment. Officers say Jesse Corente is a wanted parolee.

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