How 'California's Cash for Appliances' Works

FRESNO, Calif.

At 12:01 Thursday morning Ventura TV and Appliance will open its doors for what could be its biggest appliance sale ever. A federal stimulus program much like the /*Cash for Clunkers*/ last summer ... will give shoppers rebates for appliances up to $200-dollars on refrigerators, $100-dollars on washing machines, and $50-dollars on window or room air conditioners.

Mark Shirin, President of Ventura TV and Appliance said, "Each was given an allocation based on population. California's allocation was about $35-million.

Items and rebates vary from state to state. Manufacturers are piggybacking on the Cash for Appliances and there are other rebates available too. PG&E is offering a rebate as well as individual cities like Clovis and Fresno.

The savings on your power bill can be significant ... trading in an old top loading washing machine for a new energy efficient front loading model can save you more than $100-dollars a year. Though the payout can be worth it ... the process to collect your rebate can be tedious. But stores like Ventura TV and Fresno's Central Distributing are willing to help with the red tape.

Central Distributing's Brian Pelegrina said, "The biggest key in this is you have to be replacing something that's old or pre-owned and you have to recycle it ... you can't just walk in and buy a washer if you need it. We actually have to go and pick up your appliance ... deliver your new one and recycle your old one."

The first customers to submit all of their paperwork will be the first to receive the rebates. Though the program is scheduled to last until the 23rd of May the cash may run out long before then. In at least four other states where they've done this cash for appliances the money ran out in 24 hours.

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