Marine on Trial in Fresno County for Attempted Murder

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26-year-old /*Dejon Baskin*/ is facing three charges of attempted murder. Baskin served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Late Thursday afternoon, a judge found there was enough evidence to send his case to trial.

In July 2009, investigators say Baskin stole a car from the Miramar Marine Base near San Diego, and then drove more than three hundred miles to Reedley to carry out the attacks.

Rachel Baskin testified she saw Dejon shoot her brother in the head, and attack her mother with a knife before shooting her and trying to slit her throat.

Rachel Baskin said, "He pulled back my hair and tried to cut my throat and he tried to cut all the way around but I dropped down to the floor."

Baskin's attorney says his client suffers from post traumatic stress disorder -- and is still in need of psychiatric treatment.

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